a b o u t s e r v i c e s b e n e f i t s l o c a t i o n r a t e s c o n t a c t

   Mendingway Massageworks offers therapeutic bodywork for general relaxation and stress reduction and/or focused sessions to address problem areas or chronic pain. A brief consultation will be performed prior to your first appointment in order to establish an understanding of your specific goals for the session. You may request a particular modality when scheduling your appointment or the therapist can help you decide upon arrival if you are unsure which treatment plan best suits your needs.


Relaxation Massage:

30 Minute Session - $40

60 Minute Session - $70

90 Minute Session - $105


* If you have a prescription for bodywork from your primary care physician, you will be provided with a claim form to file for insurance reimbursement, if applicable. Mendingway Massageworks is not a contracted provider with any insurance companies but you may still have coverage for out of network care. Check with your insurance carrier for more information and guidelines for filing your claim.


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